App Development Courses In Pune

App Development Course

In today’s mobile world, people are moving more toward the use of smartphones. Smartphones provide flexibility and are easy to access anything anywhere for people. That’s why Android Development emerges as the most popular field and growing over the world. That’s why the demand for Android Developers is getting high among all IT Companies. At Felix ITs, you will get the best professional Android App Development Training Courses in Pune. Become an Android App developer in three months with a structured and meticulous Training program. We are Offering instructor-led Android App Development Classes in Pune

App Development Courses in Pune

Overview Of  App Development Training Course In Pune

This course in Pune can be pursued by freshers and professionals who want to make a career in App development.

The course curriculum is periodically refreshed to keep it relevant.

Access to certified trainers and flexible class timings. Online and offline classes are available. Access to live projects and real case studies.

Benefits of learning Android App development

With our App development courses online you can learn the skills you would need to work on Android App development projects as a freelance developer.

Furthermore, our App development online courses also come with a lot of hands-on sessions that will allow you to learn all that you would need to know to develop apps for other platforms.

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Android App Development Course Objectives
  • Android Studio and build User Interface (Set up and walkthrough)
  • Understanding fundamentals of Java Programming used to build Android apps
  • Managing Inputs, Buttons, and Reactive (Tap) Interfaces
  • Configuring Variables, Arrays, Loops, Array lists, List view
  • Developing and Managing the lifecycle of an android application.
  • Embedding SQLite databases in an android application for persistent storage
  • Connecting Android apps to web applications or services and Java libraries
  • Understanding and using MapView, location services and other built-in features
  • Packaging and deploying an app to phones and in the google play store.
  • Setting up the IDE to develop and test the Android app
  • Using XML-based layouts to place buttons, checkboxes, and other widgets
  • Configuring and managing smartphones different screen sizes and rotation
  • Managing & accepting keyboard inputs, as well as responding to screen touches and swipes
  • Configuring apps to pop-up messages and notifications on locked & unlocked screens